Friday, March 10th, ten students of the international transition class at Stedelijk Lyceum in Enschede visited SSH. Here, they got involved with robotics and the RoboCup. Together with several team members they visited the Saxion LEGO Education Innovation studio for a hands-on robotics workshop. After the workshop the students toured the lab where the team is busy developing the robots.

International transition class

The international transition class is a group of students aged between 12 and 18 who have moved to the Netherlands recently, some of them coming from troubled areas around the world. These students are following a special program which will allow them to take the same courses as Dutch students, but with a focus on Dutch language skills.

Robotics workshop using LEGO

The Saxion LEGO Education Innovation Studio provided a workshop for the students who were also joined by team members of SSH. By using LEGO the creativity is stimulated and students are challenged to think out of the box. The central theme of the workshop was soccer robotics. The students and team members made a penalty kicker and a goalkeeper to compete against one another in a penalty shoot out. Some students had never used LEGO before, which resulted in enthusiastic reactions:

“In my past I have always been interested in engineering, but I have never used LEGO for this before. In the beginning I had to get used to it, but I had a lot of fun in the end.”

The Small Size Holland workplace

After the workshop the students visited the lab where the team is developing of the fourth generation of robots. The team members gave an explanation of the robot, how it works, and the development process. The international goal of the RoboCup, which is to compete between robots and humans in 2050, was fascinating to the students.

The team members were extremely pleased with the meeting. As Rik Pelders, a member of the SSH mechanics team, said:

“I was surprised by the motivation shown by the students to learn the Dutch language while also showing interest in the mechanics of the robots. I believe they have learned a lot while enjoying themselves during this hands-on experience with engineering and robotics This has been a great motivational and inspirational boost for both students and team members.”