A month has passed since the new team members joined Small Size Holland. A lot has happened during the first month, from a photoshoot to Maxon’s Eat & Meet. This article will summarize the first month of the new team at SSH.

Meeting with RoboTeamTwente

Both a visit of RoboTeamTwente to SSH as the other way around has taken place. Since both teams compete in the Small Size League of RoboCup, the teams can learn from each other. Both teams agreed that a friendly match should be played in the near future. Doing so means both Small Size Holland and RoboTeamTwente can test their robots during a real game.


Because of the changes made to the robots the team decided that new pictures needed to be taken. Both the robots as well as the teammembers got an awesome photoshoot. The team would like to thank Emma Laninga for organizing the photoshoot and taking these beautiful photos.

Partner week

A part of the team visited Maxon Motors’ eat & meet event on September 28th. This is an event for both student teams and company teams that participate in innovative competitions, which have a partnership with Maxon Motors. At this event amazing technology was presented such as the solarboat from the University of Twente and a prototype of the new Middle Size League soccer robot from TechUnited.

Two representatives of Alten visited SSH the morning after the Maxon event. During this visit the team showed and explained the workings of the robots to Alten’s business unit manager and corporate recruiter. SSH and Alten also talked about how SSH needs to present itself to the public more in order to increase its brand awarenes. Alten agreed to help SSH get in contact with companies that might be interested in SSH.